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Granite vs. Quartz

We probably hear this question every day: Which is better; Granite or Quartz? And as common a question as it is, the answer still isn’t easy. That’s why you can look at 10 different websites and 10 different stores and they’ll all tell you something a little different. The fact is that it’s simply up for debate. It depends on the wants and needs of the person who’s buying!

So let’s break it down for you with a handy pros and cons list – note that some things can be considered a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for.

Granite Pros: Heat resistant – you don’t even have to use trivets (unless you’re using a glass dish) Stain resistant Scratch resistant UV resistant – safe for outdoor use

Every slab is different so even if your neighbor has the same color as you, it won’t look like the same thing!

Granite Cons: Porous – has to be sealed Every slab is different so the more exotic materials should be hand picked Certain colors have pock marks – differences in texture on certain parts of the stone where different colors come together

Quartz Pros: Non porous – doesn’t have to be sealed Can get pure colors (like white) Stain resistant Scratch resistant

Quartz Cons: Not UV resistant – not for outdoor use Typically more expensive Only moderately heat resistant – hot coffee cups won’t burn it but you should still use trivets

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